Pilates and Yogalates

Take care of your body and it will take care of you


I have received my Pilates certificate from "Wingate institute" Israel in 2011 and my Yoga certificate from "SunYoga" Berlin in  2016. I have studied Pilates as addition to my dance education, and my job as a dancer.

Pilates helped me to improve my physical performance, but not only. As a dancer in a company, I got injured a lot and it helped me to balance my muscular imbalances and to reduce the tension, back pain, to improve mobility and elasticity. It reduced my body stress and improved my relaxation capacity.

Pilates is very well suited as a preventative practice against physical discomfort, and is also useful in rehabilitation after injuries or in orthopedic, neurological or gynecological diseases.

It is very suitable for the western lifestyle, for people who suffers from back discomfort, vertebral slips, sciatica and scoliosis, osteoporosis, discomfort on the large joints of the body, incontinence or pelvic floor weakness, before and after birth, and more.


The combination of Pilates and the ancient system that unites Body-Mind-Spirit is powerful and energetic.

I guide my students to connect to their inner selves, observe and feel their own bodies rather looking outside.

I encourage self-awareness, and ability to "read the map" of their own bodies, that they can learn there physical and mental limits, and listen.

My teaching approach is gentle, holistic and fluid, with a lot of focus on the breath.

The classes build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine, rather than on bulking and shortening the muscles.
I put focus on the core which can basically be thought of as the 'powerhouse' of your body.
The core is the area between the shoulders and the pelvis (without your arms and legs) and encompasses all the muscles within this area. The essential intrinsic core muscles are the transverse abdominal, pelvic floor and multitudes muscles which we learn to train as part of the Pilates method.