It's an performative dialogue, based on dance improvisation and composition between three dancers and two musicians, who encounter each other .

out of stillness we appear, shadows loom from our inner worlds into space

As the sound touches us, we unfold the stories of our univers and fusing through the lanscaps, as one breath.

Attentive Bodies - practice for the sonic Body

Dock11 Berlin

2017- 2018

How long Is Now

Improvisation piece based on instant composition.

Creation and performance: Anni Lattunen, Alice Nardi , Ayam AM, Jadi Carboni.

Wieland Moeller: Wieland Moeller

Presented in 'Common Ground' - Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dock11 as part of  "SounDance" festival, and NOW festival 2018.


 A piece by the poet Sandra Man, and the visual artist Moritz Majce.

Presented in 'open spaces' Tanzfabrik , Uferstudios.

Only Human

A dance piece by the choreographer Christine bonansea Salute.

Presented at Doc11 August 2017.


A Dance piece by Alessio travisani & Gusts .

Presented at the "Teatro Tor Bella Monica" – an international festival for contemporary dance, Rome Italy

- An Improvisation performance for the opening of the installation, "SEHT, da ist DER MENSCH"

  Kunstmuseum Kloster unser lieben Frauen Magdeburg.


Chromatic fields – Work in progress
A research laboratory and performance structure for two bodies, based on improvisation and instant composition.
Presented in Mime Centrum Berlin, As part of “60 minutes” performance siries.
Supported by “impro.per.arts” - a curatorial platform for improvisation as performance art.

ApPlaCe- An improvisation performance based on a laboratory "sound wave motion".

Concept & Performance : Jadi Carboni and Ayam AM
Angels Zeit
A research and performance project, based on improvisation.
Presented at the Art museum, Leipzig. 

Görli Dreamin’ 

Creative Exercises in Urban Ecology of Sound & Movement
A research and performance project by jagna anderson
Presented at Mime Centrum, Berlin
Kunstquartier Bethanien.

Sound wave motion
A collaborative performance, and laboratory based on the encounter between movement and voice,  instant composition, by Jadi Carboni and Ayam.

Tokiomania ,

Yoriko Maeno Performing Arts Company

dance theater production.
Presented at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.

Lost&Found – Work in progress.
A collaboration piece based on movement and language. 
Presented and supported by “Theaterhous Mitte” Berlin.  

Fabrik Potsdam Theater, “Fluch Der Wikinger”
Theater dance production for children, Presented in Schwedt Gerany. 
Choreography by Henrik Kalund.

 “The girl from Nagasaki”

Michel Comte Dancer in the art movie production. The film had its premiered at the 2014 Sundance film festival .

“Anna Frank”

Maria Barios Saks dance compny with coaporation with Children's National Theatre , Tel Aviv Israel.

Children Ballet production presented in Tel aviv Museum.
Choreography by Maria Barrios Zaks.

“The Buterfly Effect”

Circus “Fly Y” , Tel Aviv , Israel
Arial dancer and acrobat.
Arial Dance production directet by Ori Vadislavsky , Choreography by Keren Elnekave. 

Josef Tmim Dance ensemble.
Assistant to the choreographer and teacher, developing movement material In dance Departments, seminars and workshops. 

“Hamatmon” Theater for children
Performer and dancer in children productions.  

Kamea dance compny , Dancer.

Yael orny dance compny , Dancer in “Manuela” dance piece. 

Eylot Hanegev school of dance , Ballet pedagogy (for children at the age of 5-16).

The Israelie opera , Tel Aviv Israel
“La gioconda”
Dancer in an opera production , choreography by Marc Ribo.
The Israelie opera , Tel Aviv Israel.

“The Little prince” 
Dancer and singer in a children show, directed by Niza shaul , choreography : Keren Notik.

Professional  certificates
Hot vinyasa Lehrerausbildung, Yoga Certificate.

SunYoga Berlin.

2008 ‐ 2009
Wingate Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel: Pilate’s instructor training education certificate for Pilates Matt work and machine.

Professional training:

2011-2017- Ongoing Improvisation, instant composition, Contact improvisation, and body mind centering , classes and workshops.

2015-2016- Action theater with Jagna Anderson, Mieme centrum, Berlin.

“Yasmin Gedder dance compny” 
Annual movement research seminar .
Daily Classes and workshops on release technique, somatic work and improvisation based on Yassmin Godder movement language. 

2011 -2017
Vocal privet lessons, oriented on Jazz singing , and indian traditional devotional mantra singing.

“Fly Y” - Aerial Acrobatic training, Circus, Tel Aviv Israel: Acrobatics aided by an apparatus such as a trapeze, aerial silk, aerial hoop, and rope.


Selected additional training


2016 – Blu company improvisation tools . 
2016 – Julyen Hamilton- working with objects (Part 2).
2016 – Emboding musicality - Maya M. Carroll.
2015 –Julyen Hamilton-Working with objects.
2015 - Dance Maker Lab - Peter player and Ester Gal, Ufer Studios, Berlin
2014 - Gaga workshop (Noah Zuk, Ohad Pishof)
2013 - Martin Kilvády, Dance and tai chi Workshop, Brussels
2012- Repertoire and relies workshop with Maria Colusi - Sasha Waltz, Berlin, Germany.
-”Metanicola” improvisation workshop, Berlin, Germany.  
- Axis Syllabus workshop, Frey Faust, Berlin, Germany.  
- Vertigo Dance Company Intense repertory workshop.  
- “Klipa” physical theater and improvisation workshop.  
2011 - Contact Improvisation Festival, Israel,
- Idan Cohen Dance company- repertory workshop, Tel-Aviv, Israel.  
2010- Clementine Deluy , Sasha Waltz repertory workshop, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2007 - Pro Dance- summer workshop, including different contemporary classes, Ballet and
Repertory from Mats Ek, Gorge Balanchine, William Forsyth and Nacho Duato.