Attentive Bodies - Practice for the sonic body

In my teaching, I likes to use specific tools to cultivate an individual language, and to provide a common ground where veriety of possibilities are opening up.

My practice is based on improvisation, an experiential practice of kinaesthetic training that is based on the power of poetic imagery as a key to deeper kinaesthetic experience of movement, and instant composition.
I aim to develop of the dancer's improvisation technic and compositional skills as tools to compose instantly by improvising.

The Synergy of the two methods can complement and feed each other in their specific ways of developing and training the physical body/mind as well as opening the imagination and creative spirit.

Each class will start with a warm up to arrive, observe, listen and bring awareness to our body and its surroundings.
Through different exercises, scores, tasks and games, we experience our physicality from different perspectives in different levels of perception. We will work with our censorial field, touch, breath, voice and language, so to allow the body to tune into a strong state of presence. Thus, we will be enabled to access our own bodies as well as to read the map of each others bodies, the space and its necessities.
Improvisation will be first used as a tool to widen and specify our individual dance vocabulary and discover new ways of moving. With that base, we will move into Instant Compositions, in partnering work and in bigger groups creating dance pieces out of the moment, watching and sharing.


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