Attentive Bodies - Practice for the sonic body

 Attentive Bodies is a physical practice of dance, voice, and sound in improvisation and real time composition. The practice aim's to develop deep listening and explore the body in different levels of perceptions and the awareness to our surroundings. we work with an intention and choice making, to direct the physical body/mind with specificity and precision, as well as opening the imagination and creative spirit. we bring awareness to space, time, duration, speed, we explore the power of poetic imagery as a key to deeper kinaesthetic experience. We will work with an our censorial field, touch, breath, sound texture, the voice of the improvising body, and the acknowledgement of our body as a moving sound system, embodying musicality as the voice is cohabiting with the body.
By tuning the body into a strong state of presence, we become expressive in the langness, and touch the universal as well as the individual, listening to the material as its being done. Thus, we will be enabled to access our own bodies as well as to read the map of each others bodies, the space and its necessities. Improvisation will be first used as a tool to widen and specify our individual dance vocabulary and discover new ways of moving. With that base, we will move into Instant Composition in partnering work and in bigger groups creating dance pieces out of the moment, watching and sharing.

My work is inspired from the practice of Improvisation and composition of dance, sound and voice, as well as breath and singing practices.
Working many years as a dancer and performer, and combining it with sound and voice inspired from shamanic work of trance and channeling, I developed tools that are inviting everyone to deepen into an inner journey, and research through the many Archetype's that exists within everyone of us.
This tools are helping to develop deep listening to what wants to unfold through us and in the group in the present moment, learning to trust the NOW.

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