I’m an independent dance and voice performer, musician, choreographer and teacher, based in Berlin.

My work is characterized by the encounter between voice sound and movement in performance, as well as in healing practises. 

My biggest passion is the relationship between music and dance and sound-body-language as a performance practice as well as a healing practice and it is the guiding factor of my work.

Since 2013 i’m researching, developing and creating my own work in the field of instant composition and improvisation.

My main working tools are tracking sound, embodying musicality of sound, phrasing body language, the texture of sound movements, and an exploration of the 'talking body' the 'emotional body', as a moving sound system in improvisation and real-time composition.
i keeps my ongoing research of developing my own language.
I play different music instruments, and work with healing instruments such as Monochord to open new vibrational spaces, and to approach the Body-Mind-spirit.
I’m giving professional training based on my research in Dock11, and different artistic groups.

I’m working as a guest dancer/performer and singer in different productions, and collaborating with dancers, singers, musicians, visual artist, and performers from diverse backgrounds. working for choreographers in dance pieces, improvisation performances, concerts, and different productions around Germany and Europe. I’m teaching dance and body awareness with a somatic approach for the past 10 years, and I’m very curious and passionate to explore, discover and share from my divers experience.

As a teacher i likes to propose tools to cultivate an individual language, and to create a common ground where variety of possibilities are opening up.

Background \ past

In her past She has danced for "Kamea dance company", the ensemble of the choreographer Josef Tmim, 'Hamatmontheater', the Israeli Opera, the national theater for children and youth, Fly Y aerial dance theater, and different theatres around Israel.

I worked and collaborated with : Christine Bonosea Salute, Yoriko Maeno, Josef Tmim, Mark Ribo, Yael Orni, Kamea Dance Company, Alessio Travisani, Maria Barius-zaks, Eytan Sivak Dance, Sandra Man, Moritz Majce, and in edition i trained in aerial acrobatics, action theater, and singing .

As a teacher i thought Ballet and contemporary dance, for ages 3-18 including choreographic work,in different dance studios around Israel.

I have worked for the choreographer Josef Tmim as an assistant choreographer, developing and teaching materials, in dance majors and small companies.

In 2009 i received my Pilates instructor certificate, and since than she is teaching Pilates.